So Kristina ( had written up about Skullcandy earphones quite recently, so this entry resounds pretty well with hers.

Right after my high school graduation about 2 years ago, FYE was cleaning stock & put all of their old style LowRider headphones by Skullcandy on sale for about $15. Back then, from what I remember Skullcandy was mostly used by snowboarders & athletes. I had never heard of the brand, but the design caught my eye, and Christopher got them for me as a present.

After a lifespan of 2 faithful years of service, they were put to rest. But during that time, my music listening days were wonderful. I had come to like the bulky headphones stuck to my ears & the rather bold color. To me it had seemed like headphones give songs more metaphorical body sound-wise, despite the fact they were more of a hassle to carry them.

I had tried the Skullcandy Ink’d earphones when they were on sale at FYE & I started my job at the lab, but sadly they were pilfered along with my old mp3 player. Which may have been destiny because I hated the marshmallow design & feel of the buds in my ears, and my new S3 Samsung mp3 player is an excellent update from my old one, with sound quality better than an Ipod in my opinion (although not even a fraction of the song capacity size).

Anyways, today I was strolling through TJ Maxx, and a bunch of large DJ like headphones caught my eye. Being sick of the Sony earphones I got for running (since they have that dandy clip for behind the ears), I picked up a pair of $10 to satiate my need for large headphones.

(especially after losing the chance on Amazon of getting a pair of limited edition Skullcandy X Toki Doki collab headphones. I couldn’t justify busting on the “discounted” $70 on them no matter how much I liked it & even though my paycheck could tots handle it :().

Luckily along the way to the line, theses appeared before me:

Only $10 more (total $20) The WESCO Oboe headphones in bright yellow attracted me right away. The retro color & design were killer. It described itself as “demanding attention from every atom of your body,” which had me sold this was the next headphones set for me! I kind of took a gamble because I have never heard of this Swedish company before, but hey when I did that with my Skullcandies, only good came of it!

So far online reviews have had a couple complaints about the Oboe though:

  • Sound quality is mediocre for paying $50 – $60
  • The style is way too  garish
  • Wire is far too short
  • Headband is much too uncomfortable & too tight

However, so far so good to me! They even made Nujabes’ songs sound even sexier then they already are ;D (which is quite difficult)

The rebut some of the negatives, I only paid a fraction of the retail price, the style actually fits with my taste, and I’m always getting caught up in wires  & have a hard time getting headphones since I’m so small, so hopefully the pros will out-weigh the cons.

And apparently they were in the movie “500 Days of Summer.” Which is kinda irrelevant to me because I have never seen the movie (but I have a sort of crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt after seeing “Inception”).

I always am stubborn & like to buy things against bad reviews whenever there is a glimmer of hope for a product. And I’m always looking for new brands to try 🙂  Hahaha. I’ll update later on to tell you the status of the product after I’ve spent more time with it.

P.S. On a side-note, despite popular belief, pink is NOT my favorite color. Thank you. hahaha.


7 comments on “Audiophile.

  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a doll. .<; Personally, I prefer earbuds/marshmallows because I think they're comfortable – I've never found a pair of headphones that didn't 1) give me a headache after a certain amount of time 2) constantly fall off 3) mess up my hair. So I've had a pretty rotten history, lol. XD I love TJ Maxx, btw! My mom used to work at the one near Roosevelt Field Mall when I was in middle school.

  2. Oh noes! My “>.<;" emoticon was read as html, so half of my comment is gone. 😥

    • Aww yea I guess they do give that Vespa girl FLCL vibe haha thanks! Yea, a lot of my friends don’t like headphones for the headache reason 😦 but because my ears are small its hard for me to find earphones that stay in teehee.

      I loveeeee hiimmm ❤ I think I will have to demand a suitemate night devoted to that movie haha.

  3. Right after the sentence about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I was recommending the movie (500) Days of Summer because it was such a sweet/cute movie to watch. Also said that your new headphones are totally cute, and for some reason remind me of the vespa girl in FLCL. XD

  4. improperintegirl says:

    I have a pair of skullcandy ear buds. I’m not crazy about them, I prefer the buds that came with my iPod. I do want a pair of headphones though.. I’ll look into the ones you mentioned.

    And what is your favorite color?

    • I would suggest a pair of skullcandy headphones actually for starters just because they are easier to travel with (they have rotating earcups & can fold in half), especially the old models of the lowriders since you can find those online for cheap.

      Ah my fave color is a tie between red & bright green. Yay Christmas colors ironically.

  5. […] can finally load full albums onto my Ipod instead of one or two songs from each band! I loved my Samsung S3 mp3 player, but it’s tiny music storage and inability to play music file types really annoyed me at […]

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