School’s Finally Started! – A Recap

So I was on the fence how to procrastinate tonight from homework between doing a write up of the following article about how molecules are transported from the cell nucleus (since protein synthesis and movement is probs the most important function in a cell), but I’d rather write about fun Daily Life Stuff for today, especially after today’s long day of classes and what not. Here’s the link below if you are interested in the article though, it’s pretty cool. More details you can look it up probably on Nature.

How molecules escape form cell’s nucleus: key advance in using microscopy to reveal secrets of living cells.

So, as of last week on Monday Sept. 20, I finally finished my coop internship with The Philadelphia Water Department after a wonderful 6 months and started academic classes again!!! I’m actually really excited because this will be my last term of my arduous physical sciences classes (mainly organic chem & physics piss me off really), besides 1 lab which I am hoping to take next term when a time slot actually fits my schedule. Here’s my sched for Fall Term 09-10:

So originally, I wasn’t going to take Metabolism/Biochemistry until my official Junior year or Senior year because it is 4 credits, but I had to drop out of my Organic Chem II Lab (2 credits) because it kept interfering with stinkin’ Physics. My schedule looks rough, but at least I am done for the most part before 4:30pm everyday. So I can go running on Mondays, Yoga on Tuesdays, Zumba Wednesdays, and Swimming Fridays if need be. I also have room open on Thursday morning for volunteering at a hospital if any of them ever get back to me haha. Then volunteering Saturday mornings with the Academy!

And I am finally taking my first non-required/non-science or math course here at Drexel: Introduction to Guitar I!!!! I am so excited! My father had taught himself how to play, so I figured I could succeed if I learned in a class! Sadly, my professor goes way too fast because everyone in the class is already experienced except me and another dude and the one other girl in the class. But that’s okay! It will be challenging, and my desire to learn will hopefully compensate for my lack of experience.

My baby guitar is seen above. I would take an actual picture now, but that would further my procrastination haha. She’s tiny! Her name is Aliyyah, which in Arabic means “noble.” I like to think of her like a queen. Small lady with a large voice 🙂 Only 36″ in length, this little one has a beautiful and full sound. Plus I can reach the frets much more easily since it’s not a full size  and I have such a short reach 😛 She was almost named “Yekoon” because it is a Lunar brand guitar with the signature moon phase images on the frets, but it sounded too masculine to me.

Now, I would be lying if I said I’m not afraid of my course load. I’m already sacrificing visits to go home & see friends and family again. But I guess that’s what I signed up for when I went to this school and out of state. I hope to finish this term and the next strong & well before my next coop starts, but we’ll see. Need to get that GPA remotely near a 3.7 for med schools (for overall and science alone), but I can’t decrease my credit load because then I would graduate behind. I’m already on a 5 year program, I don’t want to extend that to an unofficial 7 year program >.<

Anywho, I’ll probs update next time with my dorm pictures 🙂 I would do it now, but Physics must be done & orgo chem must be memorized. *Sigh* electricity & aromatics.


One comment on “School’s Finally Started! – A Recap

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Good luck with your load… when do you eat lunch on some of those days?! At least you have the motivation that things will be easier next semester since you won’t have physics. I’m still trying to figure out how I can graduate in 4 years.. I think I may need an extra semester. I think I may need 3 math classes next sem x_x and I have no idea how many classes I can handle when I’m student teaching.

    Also, good luck with guitar! It’s not that difficult if you’re just reading tabs. And because you normally play chords, it makes it a great instrument for song writing 🙂

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