“Don’t Stop Believing”

Totally getting side-tracked again. I feel like my brain is turning to mush. So I’m trying this “let’s study a few days in advance intensely” technique instead of mad-cramming all one night and crash, but I mean I still feel like crap & that the amount of work I put in won’t reflect in the grade I receive.

This is what I get for taking science & math nonstop for 3 years straight 😦 Besides some english courses & a guitar class.

And I know part of the reason why I am so upset is because I have a meeting with my pre-med advisor tomorrow. And I know he’s gonna say, your grades just don’t cut it for a MD school. That if there is even a chance, I should probably postpone applying until 2 years after my undergrad graduation. That a post-bac program is in order even though its uber expensive & is basically repeating my pre-req classes. That even then I’m not guaranteed into a decent medical school. That all the jobs I’ve held, volunteer hours I have done, people I’ve met & taught just really don’t add up to much because of a stupid number called my GPA.

But somewhere, deep deep deep down instead. Pass all my fear for failure & the hurt I’ve encountered from denial after denial here at this school, I believe I’m met to do something great in science.

Originally ripped from an old vlog post I made back in the summer:


Wish me luck for tomorrow. Happy midterms everyone.


2 comments on ““Don’t Stop Believing”

  1. Good luck! I sometimes feel hopeless when I recognize that I have potential, but the only thing in my way is my GPA. Perhaps it’s the only system schools have right now to filter out everyone who wants to go into medicine. I always feel like the numbers are completely against me, too, when I look up acceptance rates and annual quotas of students they admit into certain programs. Do you have a backup in case you have to apply late or take post-bac classes instead of going straight into med school?

  2. improperintegirl says:

    you might want to look into becoming a physicians assistant, they make more than nurses, but less than docotors, and its a bit more like being a doctor than a nurse.
    you could also try taking a few engineering classes. a friend of mine is majoring in bio-chem engineering, she wanted to be a doctor and that major covers all of the med school reqs, but if she doesnt get into med school, she’ll always have the engineering to fall back on.. she can make plastics, or fuels or other things.

    but all of that aside, i have great admiration for how hard you’ve been busting your ass. you definitely have the work ethic to be a doctor.

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