Baking News – Rainbow Cupcakes!

So my darling girls & I haven’t really been seeing each other lately even though we all occupy the same living space because of various reasons: from boys, to business opportunities, studies, internships, and the such.

To counter this, we devoted today to bonding time by baking something that has been so overdue, it’s not even funny:


I think I saw the idea of a rainbow cake on Geekologie, and Megs & I found instructions. Basically add food dye and add each layer one at a time to see the different colors in your baked goodie, like a marble cake effect.

It turned out delicious (the second one more so than gimpy the first), and we had a great time. Plus I got to see my boys as well!

Final Products:

It’s been an exceptionally hard week for me since the term is coming to a close quickly. Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, so I am pushing to just make it to some R&R before the insanity hits.

That’s all from me 🙂


5 comments on “Baking News – Rainbow Cupcakes!

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those look so amazing! I have a similar recipe for rainbow (white chocolate) brownies.. I really want to make them. Only thing I wouldv’e done differently is not ruin them with frosting… I’ve never been crazy about the stuff it’s too sweet.. and takes away from perfectly good cake.

  2. Ahh! They’re so colorful and fun-looking. 😀 I haven’t baked anything creative in a really long time, but I might have just found inspiration. 🙂 I love making cakes the most, though. ❤

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