Science Art Contest: Beauty in the eye of the beholder

It’s been a while since I posted a science-based blog & since I feel like procrastinating from my o-chem studies, I figured I would enlighten my little webspace with this article I found on Yahoo!

So, a thing called Olympus America Inc. hosts a photo competition word wide to see who can submit the most “extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects” using light microscopes.

The winner for this year was Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology in Munich, Germany for their images of Daddylonglegs spider eyes.

I believe a Drexel grad (and soon to be PhD) student, Jennifer Atchison, entered a similar type of contest for the Chemical and Engineering Newsletter’s photo contest. The theme was  “Your Science Up Close.”

She ended up winning with this incredible abstract photo of 1/50,000th image of human hair.

I personally think all these types of images are simply breath taking. The colors, texture, & shapes alone amaze me to no end! And the fact that they are of things in real life mind boggles me even more so! Really makes me appreciate the things naturally around me.

I have always wanted light microscope shots of cellular biological things, particularly somatic body cells, neuron cells, and various viruses. In fact, I want them now more than ever since I will be moving to an apartment in the near future. What I would do for a couple of prints like those to hang on my bedroom wall :/

Anywho, if I ever go into research, I would totally enter a contest like that!


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