“I guess there’s gotta be a break in the monotony, but Jesus, when it rains how it pours!”

A daily life update! Whoa! I suppose the best time since I’m submerging most of my hours into studying these days.

My finals schedule is thusly:

  1. Tuesday – Metabolism/Biochem @ 8am – 10am
  2. Wednesday – Organic Chem III @ 1030am – 1230pm
  3. Thursday – Human Physiology I @ 830am – 1030am
  4. Thursday – Physics III @ 1030am – 1230pm

I’m kinda freaking out about my two biology classes just because its just so much freaking memorization and comprehension. I’ve been studying since Monday, and I still don’t think I’ve studied enough yet. The week is just chock full of review & cram sessions, oh geez >.<

Though after Thursday life should be fun. Aniket’s coming over because he has an early train to take, and Megsy & I will be done with finals, as well as most of our friends 🙂 It’ll probs be a powwow tv night. Then I’m jumping on a bus Friday morning to NYC for mah flight to the Philippines later in the night! First time, and oh so exciting 😀 but nerve racking 😦

Meanwhile, rewind to Saturday & Sunday aka the weekend before hell week.

Went to see John’s new apartment, which was really nice. Then, went shopping with him, Ray, Naomi, and Megan at the Gal, and wandered into Christmas Village. They set up shops at City Hall every year for the holidays, and it’s always fun to go down & see the lights and trees.

And last night we did some baking to festive Christmas music while wearing Santa hats! It’s always hard to celebrate Christmas towards the end of fall term since our finals always come early in December, but we make do with what we have 🙂

And to finish off the entry randomly: pictures of my dorm! I don’t think I ever got to post these (so they are really outdated), so might as well now since I will be moving to some apartment in 2 months after break. Enjoy!

One of my favorite things in my room – I completely covered my closet wardrobe with my fave KawaiiNot comic strips!

Zoom! If you look at the top  my favorite stuffed animals reside there.

My desk! Where I did most of my studying for midterms. Not so much now 😛

Closer view of the upper portion of my desk where I keep my random knick-knacks & some photos & old cosplay items I am found of.

Close up of my corkboard & jewelry thinger.

Zoom! To the cluttered corner where I put my volunteering uniform stuff & IDs so I can just grab it when I go to work.

My corner of the room with my bed 🙂 Pink is not my favorite color, but I’m just surrounded by it >.<

Zoom! You can see some gaming posters of various Final Fantasy’s, decorations of city maps & photos, and my sister’s old hanging star lantern. Sephy & Setzer are on the bed of course 🙂

My teeny weeny side table with the ever important alarm clock!

I covered the little ceiling above my bed with glow in the dark stars in hopes to trick my mind whilst I slumber that I am staring above at celestial beings 😀

That’s all I got XD Nite all! G’luck to everyone on their exams & projects!


One comment on ““I guess there’s gotta be a break in the monotony, but Jesus, when it rains how it pours!”

  1. improperintegirl says:

    i love your kawaii not wardrobe!!!! and aa ur finals week sounds horrible D: at least you get all of it over quickly.. i’m almost in the same boat.
    tuesday – vector calc final
    weds – english paper due (6-8 pages), education paper due (3-4 pages)
    monday – education final
    tuesday – discrete math final

    my last two finals should be a cake walk if i review before hand… but i’m really worried about my calc final and my english paper >.<

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