Newton Nano HexBugs

Considering I was studying til about 3am or so last night, got 4 hours of sleep, took my Metabolism final, and have been grinding through O-chem all day since then, I think an extended break is in order!

So, I went to my end of the term work evaluation at the prep lab, and besides the happy small praise I got for my need to clean everything (I feel loved <3), I got this neat-o toy from my supervisor! We usually get things like a Starbucks giftcard, but I think this little guy blows that out of the water! I can make my own coffee, but I cant make my own nano tech toy!

They are called HexBugs which uses “nano technology” to create realistic critters. They have other types of crawling creatures available on sale, like spiders. And apparently we got the “Newton” series, cleverly wrapped up in a gigantic test tube like apparatus. Oh yes, I feel the scientist in me squeal. This is the type of crap I’m going to waste my money on for my future nieces and nephews (although I have my doubts about how long these things will hold any child’s attention span haha).

My own little video of me goofing off with my buggie. Music added to cover random screaming XD Please note the foot that almost squished him 😦

I read some reviews (yes this is what I do during my precious breaks) saying it’s apparently flame resistant and water resistant, but eats battery very quickly (no matter Amazon sells those small watch batteries for real cheap in bulk ;D).  You can also register your little friend online and “learn science!” whatever that’s suppose to mean.

And of course I picked the orange/blue combo ;D Matt had picked the black & green one which looks all too real for me from a distance, but I could see why he didn’t go for the purple and pink one haha.

Tee-hee I think it’s been a little too long since I got a fun little gadget to play around with, clearly. Anyway, this little guy has been helping me destress while doing my intense cramming sessions. I named him Izzy after the Digi-destined  in Digimon who had a bug-like digital monster.

The dinky commercial is posted below. A little fun during finals week never hurt anyone.


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