Pink Eye & Other Unsettling Things

So the past week or so has been complete and utter madness between jet lag and being sick with numerous ailments. On Tuesday morning, pink eye, more formally known as “conjunctivitis” decided to grace my unfortunate membranes.

According to Google health, conjunctivitis is caused whenever the membrane lining of the eyelids (referred to as conjunctiva) undergoes an inflammatory response because of expose to bacteria or some other crazy irritant.

I’m pretty sure it’s not caused by sleeping on a pillow someone farted on (my organic chem lab partner Kevin made this joke last night while making fun of me. If his scientific source is going to be a stoner movie – Pineapple Express – I don’t know what to say haha.)

Anyways, the infection is usually accompanied by fever in children only, but sometimes adults (like Christal) may break fever as well.

I suspect I contracted the stinking viral or bacterial infection either:

  • during work when I was making BHI (Brain Heart Infusion) agar
  • Because I was frequently my contacts in the Philippines. Apparently, contact users are very prone to pink eye because the eye regards the contact lens as a foreign object (especially if not used often. I tend to wear glasses more so). Another possibility is that the makeup I used for my interview last week had something funky growing on it from my PI trip because of the tropical atmosphere.

Whatever the cause, it’s healing rapidly now. I typically don’t see doctors when I get sick, but this really freaked me out so I went to the Health Center with Naomi. I’m lucky that all it really took was about 12 hours of sleep to break fever and reduce my eye’s swelling. Also, my profs were really understanding that I missed lecture (although I man’ed up and still went to chem lab :P)

Anyways, to make things more fun, I was suffering from a cold last week which magically disappeared despite the fact I was only getting 2 hours of sleep a night from jet lag. And then my stomach couldn’t hold down any food :(!!! And now my stupid tummy is doing it again. Ahhh! I just want to feel better already so I can catch up with my studying. Exams are just around the corner, I can feeeeeel it.

Haha. Okie no more complaining 🙂 I feel bit better knowing I got my two cents in about Conjunctiviiiiitis!


2 comments on “Pink Eye & Other Unsettling Things

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Aww I hope you feel better soon.
    And what is this BHI agar stuff? It sounds badass =D

  2. I hope everything is better now! I’m always so paranoid with getting an infection in my eyes. Especially with my contacts and makeup. Whenever my makeup starts to smell funky after a couple of months, I take the safe route and throw it out, in case it’s expired and/or breeding bacteria. >.<;

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