4 comments on “A Whole New Starbucks

  1. improperintegirl says:

    oh please, those drinks are 70% ice and 30% liquid. i also refuse to use their fancy sizing lingo. if grande means large in spanish, why is it their medium? WHY?! no, i refuse, this new size i will call extra large… not that i ever really go in starbucks anyway..

    • The sizing names confusing me so hardcore in Starbucks! At first I was like “why does everything mean large?” haha.

      Yea the summer drinks are chock full of ice, but that’s a crazy amount for a hot beverage!

  2. I used to go to Starbucks all the time! Unfortunately, my taste for coffee no longer exists. Trenta would be a great size for my iced green teas, though. Since the Venti size is over 50% ice. =/ I was so shocked to read about how many calories a frappuccino contains! >.<;

    • I wish I could break my coffee addiction, but I have grown this ungoldy dependence on caffeine to the point it doesn’t keep me awake anymore. But enough about my unhealthy tendencies haha.

      Yea frap. have so many calories, then topped with whipped cream, you are on a one-way train to adipose tissue. I’ve never tried their iced green teas (and shall have to give it a go sometime!), but have found their sweetened passion fruit enjoyable depending on who’s making it 🙂

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