Neurons, The Big Bang Theory, & Comic Book Superheroes

So I had my very first  Human Physiology II exam today (denoting that, yes, I did survive the first course in the sequence). And I had to admit, I think it went rather smoothly considering I was sick the second half of last week. I must say I do love neurons, though I have a little less affection for the brain parts & respective function relative their locations.

The only thing that kept me remotely awake last night whilst studying was my kick-ass Physio notebook.

That’s right, the Justice League of America (minus Wonderwoman who had her own notebook cover for some reason), coming at you to serve Physiology & regulatory systems for all!

Bought on a whim from Target & totally inspired by one of my now favorite tv shows: The Big Bang Theory. Their New Years Day special for this season involved them dressing up as the mighty Justice League of America. Although also partially inspired by Aniket’s new obsession on the PS3 – Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

And yes, Kitana is still awesome to fight as & still uber sexy.

Anyways, the premise of The Big Bang Theory surrounds science “geniuses” and their interactions with their waitress neighbor Penny in a normal, everyday life context. Pretty generic recipe for a tv show (which is why I rarely watch tv now), but the jokes are really entertaining. You can wiki the rest here:

When I first heard of the show, I thought it would be condescending, corny, and obnoxious, but it’s really quite charming. Extra bonus if you understand any science behind the jokes, but tots not necessary (there are definitely moments I got lost in physics).

The actor who plays Sheldon, Jim Parasons, really deserved the Golden Globe  he won a few nights ago for bringing such an eccentric, egotistical yet oddly likable character to life on the silver screen. Here’s Sheldon as none other than the ever infamous Doppler Effect (not a zebra).

And to end on another superhero-ific note, I really want to see The Green Hornet, though I doubt it’s going to be any good.

I sincerely hope it’s funny & action packed, but that’s probably because I loved the fact they played Gangster’s Paradise in one of their trailers.


7 comments on “Neurons, The Big Bang Theory, & Comic Book Superheroes

  1. OMG. Mortal Kombat. ❤ I'm really thinking about buying a PS3, especially with all the great games that have been released for it. o_o And I really want to see The Green Hornet, too, despite already knowing it's probably a bad movie. XD

    • Honestly between the PS3 & the Xbox360, I would go for the PS3. The 360 only satisfies my occasional need for a first person shooter. The Wii would be most economical out of the three, but I love the PS3 graphics & some of their platform exclusive games look pretty good. And I like the Playstation controller best.

      Oh goodness The Green Hornet looks like it’s so bad, but some people said it was pretty funny. Critics ate it alive & ripped it apart 😦

  2. improperintegirl says:

    I never saw that halloween episode of big bang!!! now i want to be the doppler!

    and a sad thing about being a smart person who watches the show is catching mistakes. in one episode leonard implies that pinkberry has carrageenan in it… it does not, i know because i read the ingredient list of everything XD

  3. neil t. luceno says:

    maganda nag iyong website, nice

  4. […] on the Log shirt because I’ve been vying for a Big Bang Theory shirt for  a […]

  5. Nice post, and I like your page theme 🙂

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