New words for 2011

In my Communications Tech. Speaking class on Wednesday, my professor mentioned that a few new entries were added into the English dictionary for 2011. I can’t say I have an official source for this news, but I believe she got the article from a business magazine.

Some that she highlighted include:

  • refudiate – created by Sarah Palin. Synonymous for refute and repudiate. Most likely she mixed the two by accident during one of her speeches.
  • cheeseball – corny, goofy attempts at humor
  • chillax – a mix between “chilling” and “relaxing”

But my favorite word of all that was added was: OM NOM

  • om nom – a noise made when enjoying a delicious meal. Popularized by the character Cookie Monster from the children’s show “Sesame Street.”

I loves me some om nom time.


One comment on “New words for 2011

  1. improperintegirl says:

    i find it very sad that they made chillax an actual word… it is an insult to the english language!!! i would say the same about om nom, but i love that term so much =D

    this is a mad tv skit of a similar nature one of my poly english professors showed our class

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