Bad Project – Biology Lady Gaga Parody

Wow, I haven’t really posted anything science-y of late.

Well in between studying for my Vertebrates exam, Vertebrates lab practical, and my Human Physio II exam among other lovely things, I found a Tumblr blog called “Neurons Fuck Yea!” Lot’s of good stuff like images and terminology clarification, but what I saw that really caught my eye is this video.

I love this video so much, I cannot even describe. My favorite part is the Western Blot bridge (OMG I feel the pain! I didn’t get bands for my Cellular lab project either the first time ;_;)

I’m pretty sure this is a glimpse into my future should I not choose a health care profession. I think I like it 😉 I would tots do a parody video for fun if I loved my lab enough 🙂


One comment on “Bad Project – Biology Lady Gaga Parody

  1. improperintegirl says:

    lmao!! i love the dress made out of bio-hazard bags!!
    i can understand the pain.. but i can’t completely relate to it. maybe i will once i start student teaching…

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