Another Quick Baking Post: Oreo Cake Recipe – ver. 1

This time I could have taken a picture of it, but I was embarrassed to whip out my camera in front of Aniket & his roomie.

This is one of the many variations of oreo cake you can make. I personally like the Cookies & Cream vanilla cake version better, and I will post what I think of that whenever I decide to make it.

Pretty straightforward. Comprised of 2 layers of angel food cake (chocolate). The creme filling is whip cream, cream cheese, oreos crushed, and some sugar. It’s topped with a melted butter/semi-sweet chocolate mix. Pretty simple and fast to make. In my opinion, it’s good and sweet, but nothing too special. Also gigantic in size! Looks like a huge oreo cookie!

Hope to update with something science-y or at least fun that isn’t baking soon. Hectic end of the term-itis!

P.S. Had an interview with GlaxoSmithKline today. Seemed to go well, but I’m so nervous. I want the job so bad! >:D


2 comments on “Another Quick Baking Post: Oreo Cake Recipe – ver. 1

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Why would you be embarrassed to whip out your camera in front of other people?! Your cake was probably amazing.. and more realistic looking than the one in the photo.. unless you are skilled in both baking and photography XD
    And I hope you get that job you wanted ^^

    And I posted this on your facebook but I will post it here also..
    it’s a link to email your senators to tell them you do not approve of puppy mills!!!

  2. patti wong says:

    I think you should get better cakes

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