Back to the Calorie Counter


I’ve been feeling really bloated lately, especially with the horrible food and amounts of coffee I’ve been pumping into my system. I’m going to attempt to watch what I eat starting the week right before finals (not exactly the best time, but no time like the present.) Which is even more difficult because Aniket indulges in things I bake & often makes me din while the girls at home love to tempt me with sweet things & take out.

I’m really hoping I don’t go all weird with this again. Also, hoping to add in more exercise time after finals are over (besides the walking). I haven’t glanced at the gym in ages. Eek.


2 comments on “Back to the Calorie Counter

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Please try making the switch to green tea! It has better health benefits and less caffeine!! It’s also cheaper… and it’s easier to drink without sugar unlike coffee.
    Good luck with everything!!

  2. I agree with Kirsten – I stopped drinking coffee, and switched to tea (specifically green) and I feel great. : ) Good luck! And don’t go overboard, it’s easy to obsess about the numbers. >.<;

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