My Friday Night

So here I am, on a Friday night. The weekend before finals. About 3 days til my final class day as a pre-junior. Less than 5 days away from having to move out of the dorm completely and into an apartment about 30 minutes away from campus. About a week until I can come home to NYC to relax for 5 five days. And by relax I mean spend quality time with my parents, shop for household items, do income taxes and FAFSA goodness, perhaps even see a doctor for checkup. Only to return to Philly early to prep my apartment (so we can preferably have heat, gas, electricity, and hot water) and life for a new work life that will encompass the next 6 months of my being. Not to mention try to reason with my current volunteer jobs to keep me and let me change my schedule to weekends.

Don’t forget to throw in the need to shop to destress.

All this while I try to stay up and do my homework, prep for projects, and squeeze in some studying for last minute quizzes so that when my family comes to visit tomorrow I don’t fall too much behind in my study/hw schedule.

A lot of stuff is going on, and though this term seemed endless, it’s coming to a stop fast. I’m just trying to keep up and finish this race, all while my mind is cluttered with a million things.

YAY blogging.


2 comments on “My Friday Night

  1. improperintegirl says:

    relax also includes seeing us and getting luke’s lobster… right?? XD

    Good luck with all of your finals!!! Zelda is sending you good luck licks over the internetz!! (they work because she is #2 intelligence so they will help you become #2 intelligence. It is not perfect, but better than good enough XD)

  2. Good luck with everything! Moving into an off-campus apartment sounds so exciting. The only reason I can’t is because I don’t have a car. 😥 Grocery shopping is so much cheaper (and tastier) than having a meal plan! 😀

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