My 21st – Science Gifts Galore + Sweets

Wow, so I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of blogging. I’ve made a list at work a million times, it’s horrible haha.

Best place to start I suppose would be that my 21st birthday was last Tuesday 😀 ‘Twas a rainy April the 5th, and everything seemed pretty normal. I didn’t do anything crazy, and no I didn’t drink my face off because I had work early the next day (My lab supervisor was in awe I was still “bright eyed & bushy tailed” at 830am the next day).

Lucky for me, my two besties on Drexel went with me to the new bakery that opened up by the new apt we had moved into in mid-March.  The name of the place was “Manakeesh,” a self proclaimed Lebanese fusion bakery. I recognized what seemed to be the Arabic alphabet on the decoration of their walls.

The sweets we had were delicious, ranging from fruits, chocolate, and coffee tastes. All very decadent, unique, and very filling.  The owner/manager was super friendly and funny.

Me, Naomi, & Megs Pastries in a row 🙂

And of course I received flowers from my parents, and cards from those I loved (my mom & dad, ate & kuya, friends, places i volunteer for, ect.). My mom & dad also came down to visit me the weekend prior to the 5th to help me buy things to decorate the apartment and treat my friends to some dinner & breakfast 🙂

Tee-hee Birthday Amoeba from my sister. Love the way its so perfect in structured, truly an engineer creation ;D

But what made my 21st birthday really feel special and like true birthday day was a care package from my dear friends in New York who never seem to quite forget me. From Kirsten, Scott, and John, who by the way had also graciously gotten me Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and a PSP for Christmas!

Each & every time they always make me feel so special, and even though I’m so very far away from home and I rarely get to see them, it touches my heart in the happiest sort of way whenever they send something my direction.

My absolute personal favorites from the package:

1) The Common Cold hand sanitizer dispenser! Not only is it adorable, but totally reminds you why you should wash your hands all the time!

2) The Science Cookie Cutters! I have been dying to buy these for myself, but I found no excuse other than want. I couldn’t capture it’s true beauty via photography, so I found this online pic haha. I plan to use them next week for my Philly Science Week/Naomi’s Done with mCATs/ Christal’s belated 21st get together to make cookies ;D

Oh the potential goodness….

3) Last but not least certainly, this the one that takes the cake: a HUGE print of a neuromuscular junction synapse. It is absolutely beautiful. I was in tears when I unrolled this baby. You can clearly see the neurotransmitters, vacuoles, vesicles, and even the cross section of muscle striations. This lovely item hangs above my bookshelf in my room, which I will post later once I finish decorating the apartment a bit more.

As a little present to myself, and to go along with the science theme, I bought from FYE these colorful lab test tubes for display! Apparently you can use them for drinking though, interesting…

All in all I must say, I am by far the luckiest girl that ever did live for 21 years 🙂 I cannot thank everyone enough for showing me some love!


5 comments on “My 21st – Science Gifts Galore + Sweets

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those pastries look delicious!! I’m glad you liked everything ^^ and about the poster, that one was chosen when you said you preferred pink/purple/blue over green/black. Had you picked the other we would’ve gotten you a poster with some neurons/synapses on it XD
    And I can’t wait to see pictures of the cookies you make ^^ thinkgeek has a lot of really creative customer action shots if you need anymore inspiration!

    • I am beyond grateful. Seriously you made my 21st birthday, like the actual day so special. Studying and working in the field of science, everyone around you is always so busy & can be cold. Coming home to a warm gift from friends, well thought out and things I truly love & am fascinated about really brought my happy level through the roof. Thank you thank you thank you ❤

  2. kristi419 says:

    Happy belated birthday!! 😀 im glad you enjoyed your day and those pastries look soooo good!!

  3. maribel says:

    Hey Christal… love your blog. awesome. even though im not into science you managed to entertained me… love the “food and recipes part”… goin to check the other stuff after this comment… u knw was wondering whats your ethnic… i thought i saw a rice cooker at the back in one of ur valentines day pic… but hey…then i saw u sayin ‘mom,dad…ate&kuya’ big give away. anyway dnt want to freak u out… im just one of those proud for who we are thats all.. i might be wrong… im not a stalker…im on FB. lol… anyway add me as one of ur fan.

    • Christal says:

      Hi Maribel,

      Thank you SO much for this comment. You have no idea how happy it makes me! I’m glad you were able to find a part of my blog that you enjoyed. And yes indeed, I am a Filipina-American and proud 🙂 Nothing wrong with loving our roots haha.

      Hope you subscribed and will come back again!

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