Another Tragic Loss for Yale

I usually love to blog about progressive things in the science field that are being found like cures and treatments, or write about disease and issues in a way to inform and spread knowledge. All in all, positive stuff.

But today I want to tell you about a Yale U. undergraduate who died Tuesday night in a lab accident. Her name is Michele Dufault, a senior in astronomy and physics. Sadly, the accident involved her hair got caught in a machine and was fatal.

I suppose this is a lesson in lab safety as the comments said in the online article I found this piece of news said.

But more importantly, I wanted to inform you of this to pray for the loss of Michele Dufault, as well as for Annie Le, the graduate pharmacology student at Yale who went missing and was found murdered in 2009.

About one month again Le’s murderer, a campus lab worker Raymond Clark pleaded guilty on March 17 for her murder and attempted sexual assault. I remember following the case as a Sophomore hoping she just got cold feet and ran away before her marriage, which would have been the day they found her body. I remember my parents being frightened because they too had a daughter running around isolated labs many days of the week.

It’s very sad when I see the best and brightest in the field of science be taken away before their potential can shine and they can share with the world the knowledge to make it a better place away from diseases or bring enlightenment to understand the natural, unknown mysteries. But I suppose God has other plans for the better, as hard as it is to believe sometimes.

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