Farewell to the Knicks in the NBA Playoffs

So unless you have been living under a rock, or just really have no love for NBA basketball in general, you would know that the Boston Celtics yet again have advanced in the playoffs, being the first team this season to do so.

They defeated through a 4-0 series the New York Knicks, my father’s ever darling underdogs.

I have watched the first two games very closely while in Philly 9the Celts and Kincks are my two fave teams right now), while my dad yelled a few hours away in New York on the phone, reporting his play by play commentaries to me.

And I must admit, the Knicks have gained a lot of heart. Before I would be infuriated watching their games (and I usually still am but less so now), because of lack of drive and teamwork, however I am glad that after 7 years the Knicks have made it to the play off game.

They still need to work on defense and work on getting a better bench, and truth be told I’m not a fan of their coach D’Antoni, and hell I really didn’t approve of the Carmelo trade. I wasn’t happy we lost a lot of good defenders, and wtf Billups and your injuries! But at least it’s enjoyable to watch them play again and have a fighting chance.

Aniket says I’m too harsh on the Knicks, but I have been watching them since I was born during the grand Michael Jordan era, and I have yet to see them win a Championship ring. I have expectations.

I barely watched the massacres that were game 3 and 4 of the series at home in Madison Square Garden. My darling Amare Stoudamire had a painful back spasms and did not play at all game 3, but Carmelo finally impressed me by trying to single-handedly grab a win and scoring 40+ points. However, the two stars were not enough to pull an entire team through the playoffs into the finals.


All in all though, it was a good season. I was pleasantly surprised to read the positive tone the New York Times reported the conclusion of the losing series. I was even happier to read that the Knicks had won the respect of the almighty (yet aging) Celtics. It gives me great hope as a Knicks fan that our day will come soon where our Garden will have champions. Don’t worry Daddy, next year is our year.

It makes me almost want to buy these headphones. ALMOST.



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