New Eating Disorders Proposed

Rather interesting  news I found on Yahoo today: two new eating disorders have been defined.

According to WebMD, an eating disorder is defined as “conditions that cause a person to have unhealthy thoughts and behaviors related to food and body image.” They go on to give examples such as anorexia (severe restriction of food intake), bulimia (drastic prevention of weight gain), and binge eating (overconsumption).

As a person who has a constant struggle with my body image, I have had my share of eating disorder temptation, and I can say from personal experience it is not good for you physically and mentally. It changes your mood and gives you low self esteem. You feel like you lack energy and are weak. You beat yourself up for what probably is an occassional indulgence or for skipping out on the gym.

Not to say that you shouldn’t attempt to control caloric intake/outake, but it was so easy for me to skew to an extreme I cannot stress to be careful.

Anyways, the two new disorders scientists are trying to recognize are:

  1. Adult Selective Eating: where a person is extremely picky about their food, but not because of body image or numeric caloric intake.  Theories run that these adults haven’t outgrown child eating patterns or have a strong sense of taste that hinders them for liking certain foods. Typically they characterized as liking very bland foods.
  2. Orthorexia: obsessively wanting to only consume “healthy” foods, only “pure, natural” items. Again not because of body image or weight reasons. They shy away typically from anything artifical or processed.

I don’t know if I would classify either of them as a disorder per say, but it’s health news nonetheless.


4 comments on “New Eating Disorders Proposed

  1. I can completely empathize with being self-conscious about body image. For a while, I used to make myself throw up after meals. Thank god I’ve stopped that. The guilt would tear me apart. =/ There’s another eating disorder called EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) that shows symptoms of several other “official” eatings disorders, without the severe BMI. There are entire message boards online dedicated to individuals struggling with it. In the end, any eating disorder is a disease, and I wish everyone could just be happy with themselves. 😥

    • Indeed it’s sad that people can never be happy with what they have, myself included. We live in a place where everyone is always striving towards a goal, which doesn’t have to be bad as long as it doesn’t get destructive. Sadly, often times it does 😦

  2. improperintegirl says:

    Scott sent me the link to that article because he thought I might have orthorexia.. I don’t blame him for thinking that. There are times when I wont eat something even if I’m hungry because I think what’s available is crap. Sometime last year I started avoiding all meat in nugget or processed form there are a few reasons. I’m not like this all the time.. but having Crohn’s has really made me health conscious when it comes to food, especially ingredient lists >.<

    • Being health concious, especially when you have a situation where your body does not let you enjoy & prcoess certain foods is understandable. The key is moderation :)! aka hooray Luke’s Lobster!

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