My 21st – Gifts Galore Part II?!

Quick post!Words cannot describe what a lucky girl I am! I still have presents coming in, and my birthday as almost a month ago!

So here I was thinking that my friends in Philly didn’t care about my 21st, and they threw me a party on April 16th (the start of Philly Sci Fest :D!).

My dears ingeniously created a scavenger hunt for me to complete to find my bag of goodies. I made a collage of their clues, and hope to hang it on my wall soon.

In side you’ll never guess the wonders it held! A Kingdom Hearts smorgasbord!

A beautiful drawing of Sora (my favorite artwork depiction), and lovely necklace from my twin, Naomi. Same awesome girlie who gave me this poster that sits atop my dresser.

A lovingly crafted ID/metrocard holder (because I always lose both) sewn by my goddess former roomie Megan. Complete with a Honorary Member of the Restoration Committee ala Radiant Garden in KHII and adorable Kingdom Key Keyblade & Papou fruit charms!

The most awesome Kingdom Hearts II shirt I have ever seen (and never want to stop wearing) from the ever sarcastic, but wonderful John (whose ego could fill a room and is my Mommy).

And lost, but certainly not least: a Kingdom Hearts cap from Riemann Sums Ray aka Outou-sama (Daddy). I have been dying for a cap from FYE, but have been hesitant to spend money on one XD

And of course my beautiful older sister and bro-in-law never forget me! My sister usually buys me video games or clothes, but as she realizes I am growing up, she tries to get me makeup and fashionable such I have no money for >.<

First another Harujuku purse!

Next, an awesome set of Sephora mascara I had been vying for.

I’m always in dire need of lip balm. Always.

And my absolute favorite: A Toki Doki makeup gift set!

Not only does this sucker have a large array of different color eyeshadow and a pretty purple liner, but it also has magnets for our fridge and is wrapped up in the most adorable box with mirror!!! I’m so happy I can say I have something from Toki Doki, a long time dream (call me simple, I don’t care)!

It just reminds something I always seem to forget or not realize daily: I am loved.


6 comments on “My 21st – Gifts Galore Part II?!

  1. Kristin Brænne says:


  2. improperintegirl says:

    All of your gifts look awesome!! The only tokidoki thing I have is a bootleg purse I got in Chinatown XD

  3. ~Kristi~ says:

    I think someone might like Kingdom Hearts lol 😛 The little keychain purse your friend made you is adorable! 🙂 and I LOVE Harajuku Lovers and Tokidoki! I have a few Tokidoki bags, and a couple of shirts, but I haven’t tried any of their makeup line at Sephora, you’ll definitely hafta let me know how well it works!! 😀

    • Thanks so much! I’m really lucky! It’s surprising how my love for Kingdom Hearts is still going strong haha. I’ll let you know how the makeup goes 🙂 I’m hoping well because these colors are adorable 😛

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