New Apartment Photos!

Finally these are up! Things are always changing in our new home, but here’s a glimpse of what our new place looks like Far better and cheaper than the dorm. Plus, I am more free to decorate as I like with nails and hammer handy 🙂

Order of photos:

  1. My room: door, closet door, back of door, dresser area, bed, sidetable, desk area, windows, puppy poster
  2. Hallway: community shelf
  3. Naomi’s door
  4. Megan’s door
  5. Home carpet
  6. Hallway carpet
  7. Bathroom: curtains, towels, shower curtain
  8. Living room,
  9. Kitchen



5 comments on “New Apartment Photos!

  1. Wow! Your place is so clean and pretty!! I have several friends who are living in off-campus apartments, but most in the area are old and run-down. Not to mention in the shady part of Long Island. <.<;

    • Thank you! I’m have a horrible tendency to overclean and organize, luckily my two apt. mates understand my problem haha. Yea there are some bad parts of LI I have seen, though Philly is not a pretty sight either most days and every night XD esp in W. Philly where I am, but near campus crime is just as bad if not worse. hence I have pepperspray & an array of bludgeoning items near the door just in case 😉

  2. improperintegirl says:

    I love your kawaii-not closet door!!

    • Thank you! Took like a week (a couple hours every night) to tape up and tack it together. Some of my most favorite ones are up there! They are actually individual little comic strips, but I tried to make it look like a poster 😀

  3. […] & Handiwork Why: I like to fix things around the house and make it look nice and homey. I am no stranger to the almighty hammer or screw driver […]

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