EXTREME Banana Walnut Bread!

So, yet again I was not able to take photos because the 3 loaves were  gobbled up before I could remember to get out my camera. The first time I tried the recipe it turned out kind of “eww” because I tried to substitute regular sugar with confectionary sugar.

  • Baking Science Fun Fact #1:
    Not everything is the same sweet. Confectionary sugar is actually part cornstarch part granulated sugar. If you want to sub confectionary sugar for regular granulated sugar in a recipe, make sure to add at least 1.5 times the amount the recipe calls for or else it will not be sweet enough.

http://www.foodsubs.com/Sweeten.html#powdered sugar

Anyways, lesson learned. I bought a huge thing of granulated sugar so I wouldn’t run out for a while, and the banana walnut bread was pretty delish! It’s a dense slice of heaven and is complimented well with a dallop of ice cream (though I only tried a slice once or twice ;D).

  • Baking Science Fun Fact #2:
    I also used baking powder instead of baking soda like the recipe called for, and it worked out in my favor because baking powder contains baking soda. I wouldn’t recommend mixing the two up though. You can usually sub baking soda with baking powder but NOT vice versa. Both are rising agents, but with slight differences.

Chemistry behind the risers?

    • Baking soda: once this sucker comes in contact with the rest of the moist ingredients, throw it into the oven! Carbon dioxide is produced instantaneously and is needed to  make your baked good delicioius and fluffy!
    • Baking powder: Again, part baking soda and part starch to produce gas and dry dough. Activated at either room temp or room temp & baking temp.

Point of the story: HIGHLY recommended recipe ;D

Extreme banana walnut recipe:


3 comments on “EXTREME Banana Walnut Bread!

  1. improperintegirl says:

    as a scientist could you explain why the middle of the top rises more than the sides? yes you are officially the only scientist i know ^^

    • The quick & dirty answer is this ;D –>

      Because the sides are in direct contact with the metal (hooray for good conductors), they tend to cook quickly. This doesn’t allow time for chemical reactions to occur completely. As compared to the happy middle where more CO2 chemical happiness is made because the heat cooks it more slowly.

      Hope that’s what you were looking for. YAY you called me a scientist ❤ !!!

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