Phil Jackson’s Final Game & NBA Playoffs Update

Well, this weekend was a super eventful weekend in the NBA! First and foremost, Sunday was the final game of the career of the coach of the LA Lakers: the one and only Phil Jackson.

Originally playing for the New York Knicks, this man has the most championships in any professional sport in America. Winning 11 rings as a headcoach, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007, and hitting the milestones of 200 and 1000 wins faster than any other coach in NBA history, his legacy cannot be described justly in words.

He’s lead the almighty Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, and the Chicago Bulls into a grand era with 6 championship rings. Not to mention set the record for best regular season wins 72-10 in 1995-1996.

He’s also lead Kobe Bryant and Shaq with the LA Lakers to victory 3 years in a row, took a break, and won the past 2 seasons. Jackson’s also credited for perfecting the Triangle offense play.

Sadly for the Jackson, the two-time defending champs could not stop the incredible force that is the Dallas Mavericks and lost the opportunity for another “three-peat” (3 consecutive championships).

For the first time ever in his coaching career, his team has been swept in 4 games and eliminated from the playoffs. You wouldn’t believe the amount of 3-pointers the Mavs sunk last night, their bench outscoring the Lakers’ final tally. It was a pretty disappointing game for LA losing 86-122.

And to top it off in the 4th quarter both Bynum and Odom were ejected for practically attacking Nowitzki and Barea. Really uncalled for and unsportsman-like, but I suppose the Lakers aren’t used to being killed in a game. Still, it just made it even more embarrassing of a game for their coach.

On a lighter note, the post game interviews were entertaining.

The Dallas Mavricks coach Rick Carlise joked that the Laker coach will probably pop out of retirement once more to coach again out of boredom, Jackson sounded firm on his leave of the professional game.

“This is, and all my hopes and aspirations are, that this is the final game that I’ll coach,” Jackson said. “This has been a wonderful run.”

In other news, Boston Celts extinguished the Miami Heat at home in the TD Garden on Saturday night. Anyone watching sports news has probably seen the gruesome footage of Rondo getting his left elbow dislocated. If not here it is!

But it didn’t stop him from re-popping it back in, and playing! All the commentators were in awe and expected him to be out for the rest of the playoff season, how much more the game!

Super happy, and expecting the lovely Celts to win again tonight.

Also, the 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies beat Oklahoma Thunder in an exciting overtime game Saturday afternoon. Last night D. Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls last night unable to keep up with the Atlanta Hawks so their series is now tied 2-2.

Really hoping the Bulls can pull i through to the next round to face the Celts ( if after they defeat the Heat) for an interesting East finals series (and because I love Derrick Rose. Look at the video they played on Mother’s Day with the new MVP & his mom!!!).

Author Note: This blog post was written on Monday, but wasn’t able to be posted until today Tuesday 5/10. Celtics lost to Heat last night.

2 comments on “Phil Jackson’s Final Game & NBA Playoffs Update

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Just curious, but you’ve had a lot of posts about the NBA lately, have you always liked basketball, or have you just recently gotten into it? In either case, do you agree that “legit” fans preder women’s basketball because they can’t slam dunk like the men can, thus they need more skill than the men do?

    • I’ve actually been a huge fan of NBA since I was young because my dad used to watch it all the time in the 1990s. I cooled it and stopped following it around 5th grade after my fave Knicks player Patrick Ewing was traded and the Knicks spiraled into despair. I started getting back into watching the NBA because someone here at school is also an avid fan, not to mention the Knicks are a decent team now.

      I agree that it takes a different set of skills for women to play professional basketball than men because of anatomical differences, and changing the size of the regulation ball will not compensate for that. While I do enjoy watching the WNBA from time to time (I actually like following women’s college basketball more), I’d have to disagre and say because the NBA has been around longer, it has a larger fan following.

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