New bit of respect for MCATs

I for one am not a huge fan of standardized testing. I don’t think many people are (unless you are really booksmart).

Especially for medicine, I believe that if a person is intelligent (maybe not a 4.0 or a perfect MCAT score) with excellent personality, communication skills, and passion, it is the makings of a great doctor who should have a shot for medicine. Just because you are the top fo the class academically doesn’t mean you have the heart to help treat patients.

In this article (, a pre-med student puts the frustration (which many share with her) of numbers and cut-offs in the highly competitive seat for medical school in this great quote:

 “Does my ability to memorize the Krebs cycle and Bernoulli’s equation really have anything to do with what kind of doctor I’ll be?” she asked.

A great rebuttle by the end of the article by a real doc himself:

“The reality is that we doctors are taking standardized tests – in-service exams, board exams, recertification exams – all our life,” Dr. Callahan said. “It’s something people have to master in medical school and beyond, so it’s nice to be able to accurately predict at the outset how someone will do with them in medical school and beyond.”

Gives me a new look and bit of respect for the MCATS that make kids go crazy come test time.


2 comments on “New bit of respect for MCATs

  1. improperintegirl says:

    As a future teacher, I despise the format of nearly all standardized tests.. multiple choice. I’ve written it in multiple papers. In cases where you lose points for getting an answer wrong, it’s gender biased because it throws risk taking into the mix (I found studies that would imply this). I also don’t see the point in asking any questions that require you to memorize things (in math at least), these days we can easily look anything up on the internet, it makes memorization a lot less necessary. Bottom line is they make tests multiple choice because they don’t want to hire graders, or it would take them too long to grade. So people aren’t accurately assessed due to the laziness of testing boards >.>

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