Kingdom Hearts Game Decal Cover Skin for PSP

So a video game post, which I haven’t had in quite some time! Due to my internship and some ridiculous and random overtime hours, I’ve decided to treat myself to some Amazon purchases! The first thing I’d like to mention is this PSP skin I ordered from Gamer_Skinz.

Granted I still had to pay for shipping and handling, and the skin is not an exact fit for Evelyn the PSP 1000 that John, Scott, and Kirsten got for me (you can also see the charm they gave me for my 21st birthday hanging out there), I am really happy with my purchase!

The directions were great and told me exactly what to do to easily apply the vinyl skin. The material itself is really thick enough for some scratch protection, with a surprisingly efficient adhesive. Also, I am absolutely in love with the design (my Kingdom Hearts fan craze continues).

I also got a set of 3 brand new screen protectors for $1, free shipping (eforcity), and it included a small card to push out the bubbles. Sadly I messed up the first one John got me and all this crap and bubbles got caught on my screen. Now it looks like anything is barely there!

While this is a bit of fun, it’s not a necessity. My main goal is to buy a new laptop before my job ends and classes start again. My current Dell is being held together with duct tape and weighs a good 7 – 7.5 lbs (which would be impossible/ inconvenient to carry commuting from the new apt).

For the meantime though my paychecks help me buy wonderful gifts for those I love, which I appreciate to the upmost (along with all the career experience I’m gaining).



4 comments on “Kingdom Hearts Game Decal Cover Skin for PSP

  1. improperintegirl says:

    yay you found a use for the charm we got you ^^ and i love that skin!! i have a zelda skin for my gamecube but i never put it on… perhaps i should

    • Yes I absolutely adore the charm you guys sent! And thank you, I like Kingdom Hearts far too much as a 21 year old, but I don’t care. I would say if you have the skin just laying around, might as well Zelda-fy your GameCube 🙂

  2. matt says:

    i love the skin but where can i find a skin of just riku the kh2 version i cant find on any where

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