Make Cookies With Candy!

This is probably a great idea for leftover Halloween candy, but I actually went to the grocery store with the purpose of making these:

Snicker candy bar cookies! The recipe yielded great results, though upon taste-testing were missing something. It is basically mini Snickers melted and gooey forged within a soft & chewy peanut butter cookie dough. Topped with semi-sweet baking chocolate drizzled on top, they were simply yum.

No photos in progress or of results of my own as usual. I need to learn how to take out my camera faster.



2 comments on “Make Cookies With Candy!

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I am assuming this is the type of cookie that you place on the sheet in ball form… with the mini snickers inside. They sound really good… if only all of my left over candy wasn’t easter peeps… I’ll have to make smores with them XD

    • Yup, you assume correctly! I hope you were able to make easter smores from your leftover stuffs. You could also attempt to make some type of multicolored rice crispy treat haha.

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