Super Summer Update

My goodness so much stuff has happened, I don’t even know where to start .___.

Well thing 1 you’ve probably seen if you are friends with me on Facebook is that the Drexel University College of Arts & Sciences Spring Gala “Party to Extinction” was held last Friday, June 3rd at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Coincidently, it is the same museum I volunteer at on Saturday mornings, and the Academy has recently accepted a donation and has become affiliated with our university.

The gala itself was cool, especially since it was the first time it was held. Dinosaur Hall is absolutely beautiful and interesting. The food was pretty good, and though I didn’t win raffle prizes or dance much, I had quite a bit of fun.

I was also fortunate enough to design and sew my own dress to match the dino theme! The original sketch actually had a bubble skirt, but as fate would have it, the poof didn’t look flattering so I opted to improvise with what I had left and made a double layer full circle skirt for the bottom half of the dress.


I was uberly happy that Naomi, Megan, and I were all able to attend. It was also awesome seeing Matt since I hadn’t seen him since our Physio II final (not to mention getting a ride home as well haha).

In other news, I’ve been tracking the NBA finals with Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks. I’m hoping the Mavs take home the championship this year. Speaking of basketball, forgot to mention a belated birthday gift from Aniket I got back in late April.

It’s the comic teeshirt special that Marvel did. Spiderman is my absolute favorite! It’s my newest teeshirt that I am addicted to.

Aniket’s last weekend before leaving abroad for his coop just passed. We tagged team dinner & dessert. I made some simple yet classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I followed this link: I’ve also finally started tracking the recipes I use from AllRecipes.Com since I frequent their site so much.

We were also able to finally watch a few movies in theatres with friends recently.

First of all, Kung-Fu Panda 2 was superb. I honestly had my doubts that the sequel would be a pale comparison to it’s predecessor, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was a good spin off and fairly suspenseful, excellent character development, and the animation in one of the climaxes of the movie was fantastic. My favorite character was the villainous peacock. But holy crap, baby Po is ADORABLE.

Second one up is X-men First Class. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a huge fan of the X-men movies, but I really liked the cartoons and sometimes took a gander at the comics when I encountered the right alternate universes. My favorite character in the movie was Magneto. In all honesty though, I really liked most if not all the characters chosen for the mutants in this cast. I thought their training montage was a bit cheesy, but liked how the movie wrapped up at the end (makes you wanna see more of the X-men story!)

Kristina did a bit of a movie review of X-men First Class here:

A pretty brief review of the past few days that have passed, but I’m sure more things will pop up for me to write about 🙂 Oh and p.s. tried fixing up the blog’s layout & images. I’m not too crazy about it, but I got sick of staring at the old one and wanted a science-centric look. Let me know what you think 🙂


5 comments on “Super Summer Update

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Once again, I love your dress ^^ I thought you got it from a pattern!! I didn’t know you made the pattern yourself!!

    I would assume Kung Fu panda 2 was good since way too many adults with no children are buying tickets for that movie. Did you see the 3d version? I also want to see x-men, but need to wait for a weekday to see it for free (just about every show sold out this weekend when I was working there).

    Also those cookies look delicious!!

    • Thanks 🙂 I basically modified the pattern to fit me best. I had gotten one so that the top portion fitted the chest area properly, but it was too loose on me 😦 Also, the original skirt portion was not full enough for me so I opted for a different draft I knew how to measure out with the powers of geometry.

      I was actually super cheap & saw Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2D on matinée because despite being a paid intern, I’m still poor LOL.

      I’m glad you approve of the cookies 😀

  2. I LOVE YOUR DRESS. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything crafty – I’m glad that you still make time for your hobbies. 😀 You lost so much weight, too! I’m so jealous. These last few pounds of mine have been reluctant to leave my body. >.<; I've also never seen the first Kung Fu Panda. I should probably go watch that before seeing the sequel when it comes out on DVD. 😛 Hope you're doing well!

    • Thank you! It means a lot coming from a fashionable person such as yourself 😀 Since I’m not in classes for the first time in 3 years straight and I’m just working and doing some volunteer stuffs on the weekends, I’ve been trying to re-enrich my life with hobbies that make me happy. Arts & crafts is the first goal, up next is playing my guitar more haha.

      OMG you muuuuussttt see Kung Fu Panda! It’s one of my favorite animated movies (up there with some Miyazaki’s and Pixar movies). Dreamworks is such a hit or miss with their animated things, but this one’s great.

      Ahaha. You should talk! You look amazing. I wish I could say I lost an uber amount of weight. But honestly I’m like fluctuating between 125lbs-120lbs throughout the week lately. I lost the bulk of my weight last summer when I started doing some running and cardio classes, yoga, and tried to swim, though I had to stop because I got too busy with classes again. I can’t really complain though because that’s the lightest I’ve been since middle school. My longterm goal is somewhere in the area of 115lbs just because I know anything lower is unrealistic.

      I have no doubt you will reach your goal though 🙂 Your determination and discipline when it comes to your caloric intake is so impressive! I’m horrific sometimes when it comes to food haha.

      Take care! I hope you are doing well, too! Enjoying the beginning of your summer break in good fun I’m hoping!

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