How to Shorten A Watch Band Bracelet

While working in the lab, and even when I go on public transportation, I’m always afraid to drop & lose//contaminate forever my cellphone while checking the time. My mother had lovingly bought me this Betsy Johnson watch last year, but over time and use its design has faded (not to mention I fear the metal will discolor when exposed to caustics XD)

Surprisingly, after searching for a while, I found this adorable old season Toki Doki watch on Amazon for a decent price & free 2 day shipping with no tax.

LOL @ my chubby hand.

Much to my dismay, the unisex watch was much too large for my wrist and hand, and was slipping off! I managed to do surgery on it to shorten the band, and it was surprisingly very easy to do. If your watch band is held together by link pins like mine, you could probably make it shorter yourself, or pay a few bucks at a watch repair if yours seems to be of a more complicated type.

1) My tool of choice was actually a 0.3mm mechanical pencil from Morning Glory. If you don’t have one of these, a tiny screw driver, push pin, or small paper clip will do as well.

2) Now if you look carefully, there should be arrows on the back of your watch brand bracelet. Now look at the side of your watch where you see some tiny circles, which are actually link pins. You want to push the pins in the same direction as the arrows.

2b) Close up!

3) Once you have removed the amount of desired chains and pins, put it back together making sure that the pin is oriented the same as before.


In other news, my good old friend Canon PowerShot SD600 was feeling a little beat up. I felt sad looking for a newer version to purchase, so I’ve been tinkering with his options to see if his picture quality could be slightly more competitive with is later descendants. Let me know if you think so 🙂





2 comments on “How to Shorten A Watch Band Bracelet

  1. improperintegirl says:

    That watch is adorable! and if only you had put this up several months ago, then Scott could’ve used it for the watch I got him XD

    • Thank you! I have a tokidoki obession that festered and grew throughout high school. Now that I have a little bit of spending money, I’ve indulged in getting this long time wanted watch XD

      Ahah oh noes! Well the most important thing is that his watch is wearable, so he can gaze upon it lovingly when he misses you hahah 😉

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