Andie’s Stuffed Mushrooms

So this happens periodically when I suddenly have a surplus of thing I just need to blog about.

Tonight, Megan and I decided to make dinner together in efforts to make it a habit. We want to limit the amount of times we will order out this summer because of both health and monetary reasons.

While Megs prepped for our roasted veggies marinade for tomorrow’s dinner (she picked up from work at the OT’s clinic), I decided to try my hand at stuffed mushrooms. I followed this recipe:

I was actually forced to tweak this recipe to make due with what I had. I replaced ground beef with lean turkey meat, used toasted bread for soft bread crumbs, only added 1.75c sharp cheddar cheese, and sprinkled extra dry seasoned bread crumbs and shredded Parmesan cheese on top while they were cooking in the oven @ 400F. I also decided to season the cooked meat with my favorite pepper-paprika mix.

Not the most photogenic things in the world, but they were pretty tasty (especially since I can’t cook to save my life. Baking yes, cooking = usually no).

On the pan.

On the dinner plate with left over bell green peppers and fried eggplant Megan whipped up quick.

And enough for leftover’s for both me and Megsy’s lunch tomorrow!

So a step up from baking for me. Trying to make my way to make more savory dishes.

And on a final note, you’ve probably heard, but congrats on the Dallas Mavericks for winning the NBA Championship! I won’t get into why I’m glad Miami didn’t win their ring (not yet anyway) or which players’ personalities I like better. Simply put the better team won in this case. The effort of the Mavs was unstoppable in the end even though they were the underdogs. Beating both the LA Lakers in a sweep, and the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Finals by 10 points, there is no doubt these guys deserve the win. Simply, congratulations!!! (P.S. I LOVE YOU DIRK & J. KIDD <3)

The Dallas Mavericks, NBA 2011 Finals Champs!!!



One comment on “Andie’s Stuffed Mushrooms

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those sound and look delicious. Way to make them healthier than the original recipe ^^

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