Summer Shopping

I couldn’t think of a more creative title. But I bought a bunch of random stuff in the merry month of June 🙂

First up two pairs of Charlotte Russe. Not the best sale in the world (Buy 1 full price, get the second for $10) but I needed a pair of sturdy flats for work and I like the way the ones from Charlotte Russe feel and fit. Decided to get another to complete the promotion. My favorite is the simple tied metallic on the right, but mother insisted that the bejeweled black set were pretty.

Close up of black flats jewel front.

My mom also ran into Forever21 so we could buy a few necklaces for herself. I opted to control my insatiable shopping urges and pic up a set that included cute tweezers and a matching mirror for my traveling needs.

And since my mom also liked the original Franco Sarto sunglasses she gave me for Christmas, she decided to pick up another set from TJMaxx with a crazy snake case. I like the bright color of these shades though, even though I typically don’t wear sunglasses, I’ll have to attempt to wear this pretty thing.

While at TJMaxx for a cheap set of headphones. While they are not my dreams Senhessier quality of bass and sound, they are pretty cool looking and will satisfy my need for headphones fed music until I can find a good sale on large set Senhessier’s.



They are Grassroots headphones by iWave. Claimed to be “eco-friendly” I’m assuming because of the packaging. I like the clean look of the wood, but I plan to decorate it. The sound is decent,  and much preferred over the Sony earbuds that I have been using daily instead of limiting them to when I go to the gym.

And finally from Marshalls: An adorable checkbook cover for about $3 so that whenever I write my check for rent, I feel just that much less sad 🙂

My mom & I make an awesome shopping team XD ❤


3 comments on “Summer Shopping

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Hey what do you know! Zelda is on the cover of your check book ^^
    Also those shoes are really cute! I’ve never been to Charlotte ruse before but I think I’ll go there next time I’m at the mall.

    • Omgsh I miss Zelda so much. She’s so fun to pet ^_^! Thanks! Their flats at Charlotte Russe are usually pretty comfy & sturdy. They have non-flashy ones I really like, too. Kristina is actually the one who posted about it on her blog and got me interested in the store XD

  2. ~Kristi~ says:

    I really like the metallic flats 🙂 they’re soo cute!! I’m gonna need to get a new pair of black flats soon myself. I need to wear black shoes for work, and I’ve been using the same pair of Guess black flats since highschool lol although I’m surprised how long they’ve lasted XD

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