Reminder of Why I Work Hard

Here’s my little golden reminder of why I work hard.

Typically I dislike wearing 2 type of necklaces. Ones with names on them and ones with crosses/crucifixes on them. No real reason other than I just have no preference towards them.

However, this little golden pendant is actually a medal awarded to me in 2008 when I was a senior in high school from the hospital I used to volunteer. The Margret Healy award was given to me out of a complete surprise, but I suppose after being interviewed by a panel of women on the Auxiliary board, they saw my intentions for the future were true and pure.

I had intended only to compete for the scholarship and was happy for the recognition for my hours of service, but this award here reminds me why I went to college. Because I wanted to go into a career where I could directly help people, hands-on. That I’m not afraid of complaining patients or getting my hands dirty. That I’m willing to comfort, simplify the science of what could be frightening news to patients, or simply warm up a plate of food for someone who is hungry.

My mother had bought a beautiful gold chain for my birthday. I had been telling her how conflicted I was about what career path I should take once I graduate my undergrad in bio (ie- go onwards to PA school or graduate school since med school is just too expensive and impractical at this point). She told me to wear it in good health, and that whatever path I choose she knows I will help people along the way.

It seems that the hospital folk believes I’ll do the same. And every place I’ve interned so far says the same. I really hope they are all right. Since this will be the last week before I start volunteering at the ER dept again, I thought it was appropriate to post.


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