New Development in Neuroprosthetics

Scientists from Wake Forest University and Southern California have actually developed a device that can be directly implanted into the brain in order to improve transmitting signals. I won’t go into detail here, but the machine records signals from the CA1 tissue in the hippocampus and replays it to illict a memory response. They hope that even though a rat is not as complicated as a human, this development will help towards creating an implant that can help memory recollection in people, especially those with brain injuries (such as dementia).

Read more here!


2 comments on “New Development in Neuroprosthetics

  1. improperintegirl says:

    you know i misread CA1 for CIA for a second XD

    This seems like it would really help people with brain injuries… but I could see rich people taking advantage of it to make themselves smarter. And I could see the CIA using them as well for their own mysterious purposes… all depending on how well the chip functions I suppose

    • It’s okie I did the same misread too XD And I got really paranoid until I realized it was different haha.

      Omg what you just describes sounds like a potential scifi movie!

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