Flower Animal Carousel in Logan’s Circle

So, this weekend both my roomies had left for mini summer break//Father’s Day weekend. Luckily my parents came down to visit Saturday so I had company 🙂 Before seeing them, I went to volunteer at the Academy like I do most Saturday mornings. It’s located on Ben Franklin Parkway near Logan’s Circle.



You’ve probably heard about me talking about the place before. It’s around other museums, like the Franklin Institute where I wanted to take my sister and bro-in-law to see the mummies!





Since I arrived early for my shift, I decided to wander about the pretty fountains.

Along the way, I found these interesting animal carousel displays. Eventually I found out they were from the Philadelphia Flower show.


I think there were only 8 in total. They ranged from a butterfly, a unicorn, a lion, a rabbit, a camel, a peacock, and a dragonfly.  A really interesting and random gathering of animals. And I concluded they were from a carousel collection because there was a golden, braided post stuck through them 😀

My particularly favorite shot was that of the ostrich lost by City Hall peaking out in the backdrop. They seemed to be made of dried plant material, almost mummified. Cool stuffs. I’m sure they were even more gorgeous when they were freshly made.

Oh btw before I end the post, a lil bit of advertisement 🙂 The new exhibit I’m working at is “Fore the Planet!” Our tagline is “18 holes of serious fun.” Basically its environmental & evolution educational mini golf :D! As the tag says, it’s 18 holes, and you can play as much as you want since it’s included in the museum fee.

I hope to take pics of the beautiful displays & stories that go along with each little course :D! It will be the last time that the Academy of Natural Science will own this fun-filled, awesomely creative exhibit, so be sure to stop by if you are in the Philadelphia area!


2 comments on “Flower Animal Carousel in Logan’s Circle

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I’ll have to plan a day trip to Philly soon! You’re always posting about such cool things there!!

    The animals look awesome! Though I imagine it’d be a lot more fun to be in the middle of everything than just getting to look at the photos you took of them… it’s like being inside of a garden instead of looking at it from the outside if you know what I mean.

    • I would totally enjoy the company 🙂 Philly is honestly not as much fun as NYC, but I’ve learned to enjoy its little charms haha.

      The animals were indeed awesome! I had my mp3 player on while taking pictures, so it was like being in a real carousel garden ;D

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