Mini Urban Garden Update

Quick post on account of I’m exhausted. Straight after work, went to this new class offered at our school gym called “Body Jam.” A little awkward at first, but once I just let loose and forgot that we were in a room surrounded by windows that everyone can see me through, I had a lot of fun. Hoping to go for the next couple of weeks; maybe God will grant me some rhythm.

Ran home and made something called “pecan delight.” I thought it was a good recipe, but anytime I use some type of instant/premade store bought item, I find the food is just mediocre. We will see though. I’ll post results post-chilling & decor.

I just wanted to show you guys how much my plants have grown since I first got them! Sadly we have had a casualty, and Prickly II the cactus had died 😥 The rest fortunately are thriving 🙂

To view my first post regarding my plants, go here:


1) Dinero – The Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)



2) Poe the Chamaedorea, Palmae plant!




3) Tempest, the angiosperm//flowering plant! He finally grew a bud and produced a little flower. Proudest of this little guy 😉





Other than that, nothing really. Changed the background to a rainbow gradient flanked by 2 double stranded helices to add some color on the page 🙂


2 comments on “Mini Urban Garden Update

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Glad to hear your plants are doing better! Your cactus may have done better in a larger pot or with a change of soil (fyi: they sell special cactus potting mix at plant stores).

    My orchid is starting to do a lot better since I’ve been giving it love and orchid food… and those two baby oaks I made a post about are both wilting and withering sadly 😦 I gave them stuff to help them send out roots and am strongly willing them to live. Besides that all I can do is pray I guess… But now I feel really bad since I went and named both of them >.<

    • I agree, in fact I need to change the soil of my plants soon and fertilize them so they wont wither away 😦 Honestly my cactus was just neglected. He might have died earlier since I wasn’t able to water him while I was in the Philippines lol.

      I’m so glad your orchid is doing strongly 🙂 I’m sorry about the two baby oaks though. I’ll help you will them to survive life again!

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