Recipe Review: Pecan Delight

So quick happy tangent before talking about this recipe. Started up kickboxing classes again. OMG SO MUCH FUN! It’s my third new instructor since I started in Freshman year, but she’s just as intense & enthusiastic as her predecessors. My new teacher is less “dancey” with her instructing technique, and more athletic and tone-based, but I like it.

I love that the flow of kick, jump, lounge, jacks, and furious punching still come second nature to me, no matter how tired I am. The new portion with the 9lb weight bar threw me off a bit a first, but once I started pretending I was training like in Mulan when the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” montage goes off, all bets were off and I was so in the zone. Looking forward to the next classes. Even if I don’t lose weight, the empowerment of how my body feels coordinating together to do complex moves, and feeling my muscles pump makes the pain worth while >.<

On to Pecan Delight! Nothing like something fattening after something healthy 🙂

Recipe can be found here:

I actually took progress photos this time! Another straight forward procedure to follow.

Crushed pecan shortbread cookies & butter, baked for about 10-15mins for the underlying crust.

Here’s the ungoldy amount of caramel syrup and cream cheese the recipe called for. Don’t worry, the recipe on the side written is actually for stuffed mushrooms haha.

Post “creaming” together the cheese and caramel.

Whipping up some vanilla pudding.

Putting everything together to make the frosting/custard part of the cake thinger.

Plopping the cream onto the crust.

TADAAAAA!!! I tried to make the drizzling of the caramel on top of the pecans prettier, but the recipe called for so much caramel to top the cake (I only used like 1/4 of the amount, and it was STILL too much).  Plus, I think my refrigerator is at a weird angle in the apartment, probs made the caramel mobilize to the sides or something.

As for taste, like I said I typically don’t like the recipes with pre-made/store bought ingredients that I make, but my roomies said it tasted yummy like a pecan-y & caramel topped cheese cake. Who knows, try out the recipe and let me know.

On a side note, how ADORABLE are the mixing bowls Naomi got me? Make cooking so much more fun! You shall see more of them hahahha.







One comment on “Recipe Review: Pecan Delight

  1. I work at Bass Pecan Company every year they have a recipe contest for a chance to win $1000!
    If you love baking with pecans you should check it out. Check out their Recipe Blog for great recipes and the contest rules and entry!!

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