Up-cycled Jeans & Sewing Scraps

Another flit of sewing inspiration has hit me. I’m a little stressed at work, so sewing always helps me cope. Made this in about 2 days flat.

Some details. The bodice part is made from a pair of my favorite army green Forever21 jeans that got the embarrassingly  yet hallmark worn-holes in the thigh disease. I couldn’t bear throw it out, so I fashioned a sweet heart neckline. I didn’t like how the zipper made the fabric all bunchy, so now I have to squeeze into this thing every time I wear it XD

The skirt part has a slip as the inner most layer, just a rectangle of stretchy about 1.5 times the size of my hips. I sewed on 4 layers of ruffles (size about 4.5 inches) using pieces of yellow fabric I had left over to make long strips. They were spaced out 2.5 inches apart. I used a tutorial as a basisl: http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/2010/04/murpheys-layered-skirt.html

For finishing touches I lined the top of the bodice with more scrap yellow fabric. Then added a hand-sewn yoyo to cover the front of the bodice I couldn’t line because I ran out of long pieces of fabric. There’s a button in the back where the two straps meet.

Overall, pretty happy with the outcome 🙂

Green nails and the green-yellow motif inspired by Green Lantern (the power of will & fear)!

For a comic book movie, I didn’t think it was all too bad. It had it’s token cheesy moments, some pretty cool actions sequences, though the script was God-awful some times. I liked it most because of the digitally rendered parts & epic-ally narrated introduction 🙂


3 comments on “Up-cycled Jeans & Sewing Scraps

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I love that dress! I should up-cycle things as well.. especially since the store I used to buy fabric at closed a while back. To get fabric now I have to trek to Jamaica or Corona 😦

  2. Thanks so much! Upcycling is actually a lot of fun, especially when favorite items wear down. And it doesn’t have to just be clothes projects (I have made a few small bags and headbands from spare material). I used to go to Jamaica for fabric too! But ayeee it was a headache. The closest fabric shop form me now is about 45mins away so I get lazy XD

  3. ~Kristi~ says:

    That dress you made is so cute! 😀 I wish I had skills like that! lol

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