Happy Birthday to the Father of Genetics

The one and only: GREGOR MENDEL!

It’s been a long great while since I made a science post, what greater day to do so than now?

If you all haven’t at least hovered over your special Google image today, perhaps you’d be enlightened to hear that today is Gregor Mendel’s 189th birthday!

Dubbed the father of genetics for his ground breaking work with happy pea plants, he followed patterns of pea characteristic inheritance by crossbreeding them under controlled conditions. He’s responsible for the terms recessive, dominant, homozygous, heterozygous, and so forth in biology textbooks.

I won’t go through the whole biography of this great friar, but he is one of the many reasons I found myself interested in science. When first mentioned in my middle school, his chapter in the life sciences textbook dealt with the ever so delicate and difficult art of Punnett squares, which were used to predict the percentage/chances of offspring to inherit traits from their parents.

Like many great scientists, Mendel’s work was not fully appreciate until much later when the study of genetics came into full bloom. I hope one day I can contribute to the science world like Mendel did (even if my contribution be small).  Also, I hope to go on some type of academic pilgrimage to visit the areas where other great scientists of the past used to dwell and came about their amazing discovers. Just like Mendel’s monastary, where he cared lovingly for his pea plants that expelled knowledge of independent assortment and segregation of traits.

Thank you to the father of modern genetics. Because of you, we are able to understand how traits, especially pathological ones, are passed on (or at least have the basis on learning how to solve them). Thus helping us to understand and improve our lives.

One time for AP Biology, I had to write a play with my lab partners that invited a variety of historical science figures to discuss their theories: Darwin, Cuvier, Lamarck to name a few. I had written Gregor Mendel as a simple monk, eloquently sipping split pea soup, and rocking out to Gregorian chants on his Ipod. Happy Birthday good Gregor Mendel.


2 comments on “Happy Birthday to the Father of Genetics

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I wonder if they still grow peas in his monastery… It would be criminal if they did not!!

    And I had that peas on earth comic in my middle school text book =D

  2. […] wait, you say, isn’t everything genetically engineered? We all learned about that dang monk with his pea plants in high school bio, right? Surely food has been bred for thousands of years to have the best […]

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