Headphones Review: Sennheiser HD428

I’ve been pushing off this review for a while. They say that headphones need breaking into, and that their true sound quality potential can be judged properly after a few uses. It’s been almost a month, so this is a fair time to break out the judgement haha.

I kept mentioning to Aniket that I wanted new headphones after the amazing although short life of my WESCO Oboe headphones, he suggested that Sennheiser has excellent sound quality.

The Sennheiser HD428 is described as “Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi” headphones, which I think is just fancy for round, close to ears headphones.


While this is a much darker color pallet of black & silver compared to my usual technicolor preference in headphones style, I figure I should sacrifice a little in fashion for function. I actually like the structure of the headphones a lot.

The round cups are great for physically isolating background noise (awesome for a train commuting girl such as myself). I like the thickness and material on construction used for the framework of the headphones. It feels very sturdy and durable.

I also like that it’s closed from the back, giving me a secure feeling on my head when I’m wearing them. It also prevents my blasting music to leak out and disturb other people (a problem I had with my trendier looking headphones).

Lightweight and comfy, I like traveling with these headphones on even if I can’t fold them. In fact what one may call “clunky” I find very vintage and cool haha.


My only design gripe is the very thin & long 10ft cords that Sennheiser loves to throw on their ‘phones. I remedied that easily by buying an adorable cord wrap.

The In-Between:

The price very much makes or breaks whether this is a great purchase. I personally bought a pair from Amazon with free shipping and about $40, which I think made the buy an OK purchase. Could definitely buy a better pair for the original $99 they were selling for at full price.

I may be going deaf or had too great of expectations (or both), but I kind of  expected the bass on these headphone to be louder & more defined. It’s probably better for my auditory health that they don’t go any louder haha. And way better than jamming earbuds into my head.

Overall, very content with my Sennheiser 428’s so far. Hoping they have a long life span 🙂


One comment on “Headphones Review: Sennheiser HD428

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