Sandwich Science

This picture was actually originally posted to a post on Sunday that never got published (thank goodness, there was far too much angry ranting). Anyways, it was from my freshman biology class project. It was on DNA identification. My group made up that we were the CSI trying to figure out who the murder was based on DNA left on a bitemark left on a sandwich he ate right after he killed someone. I know bizarre, but we were like 17 or something.

Anyways, I can’t believe it’s been so long! It’s obviously not the finished product, but we added all the science info and gel electrophoresis images later. I actually made the whole creative part myself one night in the dorms at 1am. I’m a loser 🙂

Made from some stiff construction paper, foam for cheese, and the bread was carved out a cardboard presentation board. Painted and inked with sharpie to perfection. Labor of love!  So happy our professor gave us the creativity award (free Red Bull, candy, and a pencil with a cute certificate. Absolutely loved my Bio 122 genetics prof!)


One comment on “Sandwich Science

  1. I still remember the day we walked by B&N, and I realized you were my (longlost) hero(ine) for that sandwich. ❤

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