My Giant Microbes Collection

So this past weekend, I got to visit these awesome kids down below:

Left to right, my very sweet high school friends: Kate “my daughter,” Kirsten, Scott, and my beloved bestie John!

I ran back home Saturday morning to hang out for a few hours in New York City. Of course a trip to see these guys is never complete without running into a Lukes Lobster. Super YUM! I usually split a “Noahs Ark” with Kate, which includes sampling sized rolls of their crab, shrimp, and lobster along with some claws!

We went to visit the Brain: The Inside Story at the Museum of Natural History. The actual exhibit was pretty cool with a few good interactives. My favorite part was the gift shop!

First, I got a shot glass on sale with the featured exhibit printed on it, and an Xray image mug for my dear friend Naomi!

And of course, how could I ever visit the brain without buying my own neuron (his name is Ned, the Nerst Potential Warrior!)!

Our apartment in Philly is actually growing a huge collection of these adorable Giant Microbes plushies. I also have Rabies which Kirsten gave me a few years back 🙂

My dear friend Ray gave Naomi, Megan, and I each our own Giant Microbe for Christmas 2010.

I had received the Bookworm, which actually is a real bug that exists, apparently.



Naomi received Swine Flu, which fittingly resembles a piggy.

And Megan got the ever so epic Super MRSA >:D

I plan to purchase more in the future just because they are so darn cute. I hope to have an office to keep my sciencey fun stuff in one day. I also almost bought an animal cell model kit while in NYC, but that’ll have to wait for another day 🙂

Keeping on the microbes topic, I’m really glad I have decided to take Microbiology for my final lab elective in the Winter term. According to many profs and TAs, micro also finds a way of popping in advance biology classes. Not to mention in the past two coops I have had, micro had played a large part in identifying contaminates! Exciting times!



3 comments on “My Giant Microbes Collection

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I had no idea your apartment had so many giant microbes ^^
    you know the one for mad cow looks like a cow.. and flesh eating virus has a knife and fork ^^ thinkgeek even has 2 valentine’s day heart shaped boxes with microbes in them. one is full of STDs and the other one has cells involved in the reproductive system.

  2. Looooove the mug 😉 also how appropriate I get swine flu. The pigs and giraffes never stop apparently >_<

    And I love that MRSA has a cape. it's just that epic.

  3. […] you love the GiantMicrobes plushie collection, like I do, I Heart Guts will be your next collecting […]

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