Scientists Invent Rainbow Poop

More like a little blurb on a link Aniket sent me a few days back. Apparently scientists have engineered E.coli bacteria to be mixed in yogurt for human consumption so that stool can be used to indicate the absence/presence of disease via color change of the defecation. The presence of key toxins are suppose to draw a pigment release response from the bacteria.


I have no idea how legitimate this source is, as it’s found from StumbleUpon, but I did a little Google search to find a more detailed link with video.

The engineered bacteria is actually called E. chromi. A group of undergraduate science students used standard sequences of DNA called BioBricks to create their own BioBricks to insert into the E. coli so that it could be genetically programmed to secrete colors that are visible by sight.

Here above are the modified bacterias with different pigmentation expressions.

Super interesting(not to mention oddly worded in the titles of articles E. chromi was featured in. Rainbow poo doesn’t seem to have a science journal publication ring, but it’s an attention grabber). If anybody else knows more on the rainbow poo research, please feel free to share 🙂


2 comments on “Scientists Invent Rainbow Poop

  1. this sounds so cool, I can’t wait to see if they do more tests on it and what they find. How awesome would it be if it works XD

  2. improperintegirl says:

    well the most i know about rainbow poo is that if you want your poop to be a particular color all you need to do is eat that color crayon XD

    i learned that when i was 5 and helping potty train my sister.

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