Trip to Washington DC – Smithsonian Museums Galore!

Catching up on my blogging!

You people must think I’m bizarre. I never post pictures of me partying it up in a club or some crazy party or even drinking. Instead I’m always talking about a museum of some sort. I’m just that type of girl.

Anywho, last Thursday my sister and I (also my bro-in-law ;D) had our annual hang out weekend in Washington DC. I took a very late MegaBus Thursday evening and took Friday off from work and didn’t sign up for volunteering on either Saturday or Sunday. A fun fill few days of relaxation and laughter ensued, as usual 😀

The big highlight was Friday August 12 – Museum Exploring!

To kick off the day, my Ate and Kuya showed me to the Smithsonian Castle, which is actually the main Visiting Center.

We got uberly hungry, so my sister using her trusty Droid found that the highest rated museum cafe was actually at the Native American building.

Each of the food sections were separated by Native American tribes. The Mitsitam Cafe features authentic Native foods found throughout the Western Hemisphere. The fish taco, which was actually had fried bread, the buffalo bean chili on cheese fries, and  buffalo burger was from the Great Plains station since buffalo was a reliable food source. I forgot where the turkey and berry sauce or the side dishes of stewed kale, stewed corns & yam, and pork came from, but everything was uberly YUMMY.

‘Twas expensive though 😦 Our bill ironically turned out to be the devil’s number (almost) 😛

Of course a trip to the Native American museum would not be complete without canoes & teepees!

And we’d be awful people if we didn’t at least attempt to vist our Nation’s Capitol….

…or the Washington Needle for the matter either.

I also absolutely adored the Botanical Gardens! The outside was pretty dead from all of the super heatwaves we’ve been experiencing, but inside the greenhouse was wonderful!

Also, found this “Red Cat’s Tail” plant under the “Medicinal Plants” section of the exhibit. Interesting…reminded me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

And what’s a day of adventure without some science?! A beautiful plant cell diagram from the Botanical Gardens:

And what would a trip to DC be without visiting the ever gigantic Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!

The hallmark of the entrance is giant elephants parading around!

The ever infamous Hope Diamond

Impressive skeletons of the Sea Cow, Leatherback Sea Turtle, and Swordfish.

And to end the post with some irony: A Christal with a crystal!

All in all a jam-packed, exciting, and fun time with my lovely sister and awesome bro-in-law 😉 Took a few days to really report it in a blog haha. Sadly I didn’t get to see my favorite cephlapod the Giant Squid, but he’ll have to wait for another visit. Sorry for such a pic-chubby entry!


2 comments on “Trip to Washington DC – Smithsonian Museums Galore!

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I really want to go to the Smithsonian now!!! The first ever Teddy Bear is there and I want to see it!! And those Native American dishes look amazing… the turkey/cranberry dish was probably from some part of the east coast… as that is one of the food items the native americans introduced the pilgrims to.

    And if you posted pictures of you partying it up in a club or something I would think it was bizarre XD I love your museum posts!!

  2. Haha thanks. I’m glad someone likes my museum trips 😛

    Good call on the turkey/cranberry dish. That makes sense. I think you would like the Smithsonian a lot. There are so many halls of animals to see, so very little time. Also, a great mineral gallery & exhibit 😀

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