The Newspaper Nails Experiment

I just seem to be in a nail art craze type of mood lately. The latest thing I have tried on my nails is newspaper print!

My sister had sent me this video before. It doesn’t lie! The procedure takes literally a couple of seconds and is uberly easy to do.

All you need is the following items: a light base coat nail polish, clear gloss polish, rubbing alcohol, nailpolish remover, and a q-tip for erasing tiny marks.

As my base, I used a white nailpoilsh from Ulta. I personally didn’t like the formula for this color because it took far too many hours to dry. (However I have an Ulta pink polish which dries excellently!) This lead to the gloss coat drying first, so when the base coat dried, small gas bubbles formed underneath the gloss(not too noticeable).

Like I said, this is an incredibly easy project to do. I’ve never done nail art before, and this turned out perfectly. The only catch is that the words will be imprinted backwards on your nails. I plan to try colored news paper ink and comics next!

The chemical of the day here is: ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL! Aka rubbing alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol was used to lift the print from the newspaper. Like acetone, which is typically used in nailpolish removers, the general category of alcohols are pretty polar as well.


4 comments on “The Newspaper Nails Experiment

  1. YES. I’ve seen this done before, and have been dying to try it! Unfortunately, I can’t stop biting my nails. >.<; But when I do decide to grow them out again, I'll definitely give this a shot. 🙂

  2. improperintegirl says:

    that looks really cool! i’ll have to give it a try sometime!

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