Thrifty Laundry Days

So back in the days when we didn’t have our complex’s laundry facilities key to access washing & dryer machines, the girls and I would go down to a public laundry mat to wash our clothes. Near by were some cool things like a cheeky cafe, a CVS (of course), a decent Korean-Japanese fusion resturant, ect. But most notably there was also 2 gigantic thrift shops.

Of course eventually I bought a few items.

Thing 1 is actually a kids dress that so happen to fit me since I lost a about 5-8lbs this summer (YAY kickboxing!). I hope I can fit into next term when I fatten up during classes XD It’s so cute and was$3.50!

Thing 2 used to be ridiculously gigantic. But the print was so beautiful, and it was only like $8 or less at the time. Oh the potential in the fabric I saw! I refitted it, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I have a lot of scrap fabrics, but have no idea what to use them for. Thinking an accessory for the hair like a headband. Any ideas?


6 comments on “Thrifty Laundry Days

  1. i love what you did to the second dress! it looks great. it takes a special eye to see potential in something like that

  2. Hairband! Definitely hairband 😉

  3. improperintegirl says:

    You fitting into the children’s dress reminds me of how we found 2 of my sisters favorite dresses in kindergarten. Now they fit her as tops. They’re made of stretch velvet with sparkles on them. She hasn’t worn them out though.. which is ironic because she used to wear them constantly when they fit as dresses.

    I love your alterations to the second dress!! You could probably make a cute clutch with the leftover fabric from it. I also like the headband idea!

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