Shifting Gears

It’s one of those rare occasions where the internet in my room allows me to do anything, so I’m celebrating this mini victory with a mini blog post.

It’s that time of year when it’s time to shift gears! I absolutely love fall. I know spring is suppose to be the symbol of new life, but fall has to be my favorite season because the trees are so colorful, and honestly, I love starting school again (nerd :3). From new books and supplies to the hopes of an inspiring professor or new friends in a class or lab, fall has always been an exciting time.

I probably say this a lot, but I really mean it when I say: I feel like I’m on the brink of something big in my life.

I was talking to Naomi about it, and the same thought crossed her head today. It’s going to be my 4th year in my 5 year program; so while I’m not a graduating Senior yet, I can live the stresses of one vicariously through John & Naomi.

And once again I am loading myself for some good activities this term! I am taking a healthy dose of science this term and am taking a good amount of credits. The classes I plan to tackle are: Evolution, Developmental Biology, Statistics (D:), Ethics, and Forensic Science. Believe it or not that takes the majority of my day.

My internship was nice enough to actually extend my contract into the school term as a contract work, which is awesome of course both money and experience-wise. Now I can ensure paying my rent XD! I’m still keeping my job at the lab at the university though for less hours than usual, so it will be much fun juggling time between 2 jobs, a full term of classes, and commuting from the first time away from campus. I’m also signing up for a shadowing internship at the Children’s Hospital in Orthopaedic Surgery. Words cannot describe my excitement for that to start >.< However to save myself from complete and utter destruction, I opted out of both volunteering for the Academy and the hospital.

So with that ramble, I bid everyone a good night. I have high fears, and expectations for the fall! However, I still to get through the last few weeks at my internship and volunteering before I can start panicking about mid-September. In the upcoming weeks though, I would expect a few updates in “School & Work” where  I like to squeeze in my thoughts on experiences I have had in jobs/volunteering/internships/ect.

I’m a busy bumble beee.



One comment on “Shifting Gears

  1. improperintegirl says:

    !! This time around your schedule sounds more exciting and less stress inducing than I would expect.. but still stress inducing.. that evolution class sounds awesome! I took a watered down anthro evolution class and loved it!!! And is that ethics class specifically for science related things or in general?

    And your orthopedic surgery internship sounds awesome!! Though you may end up following the people that bother the children. (when my sister was 4 she broke her arm on 4th of july weekend, it was insanity trying to find a dr, then after she had her surgery everyday a million residents kept coming in and asking her if she could wiggle her fingers) but seriously all of the doctors, nurses and medical personnel in the children’s unit were *awesome* people. i know you’d fit in there.

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