New Laptop: The Samsung SF410

One of the perks of a good internship is a nice paycheck. And after a few months of working, I have finally saved enough for a brand new laptop! I had actually gotten it about a month ago when I visited my sister and bro-in-law in DC (they were the ones that help me find it). However, I haven’t been able to spend quality time with it much yet because of work.

14″ sized screen, a little over 4lbs, and white on the exterior, the Samsung SF410 is my new notebook of choice. ChubbyRiceBall is the endearing and fitting name my sister gave to it! For about $500 I was able to replace my outdated, duct tape ridden, beloved old Dell laptop, whom I decided to finally call Vagabond because of it’s ragtag appearance and missing keyboard letters.

So far, I like the laptop a lot. I suppose a quick pros & cons list shall do for a review:


  • Appearance very sleek
  • Lightweight
  • Bright & clear screen display
  • Very quick reboot
  • Windows 9 (haha yes, finally away from Vista!)
  • Can charge usb items without being powered on


  • Mouse touchpad drives me insane//need to get used to
  • Battery life isn’t anything spectacular
  • Battery is an internal unit
  • Dislike the buttons that control sound

Why I needed to replace my beloved Dell:

  • Outdated
  • Battery no longer charges
  • System randomly shut on and off during important times (ie- financial aid)
  • CD drive fell out and stopped functioning.

I think the thing I also like about my new laptop is the built in webcam. Never had one before :)! The cool borders and effects are really entertaining.

So, in summary no complaints so far. It would also seem to the average person that I am somewhat of a Samsung fangirl. All my mp3 players, current cellphone, and now recent laptop are of the Samsung brand! Truly a coincidence!


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