Yo’ Momma’s a Fish

Today in Evolution lecture today, my professor (who happens to be a major advocate of the Academy of Natural Sciences YAY!) posted this picture at the beginning of today’s slideshow set. The artist is Ray Troll, who also did the illustrations for the changing exhibit I worked at the Academy entitled “Cruising the Fossil Freeway.”

The Tiktaalik is actually a fish with a neck (which is silly because fishes don’t have necks). In fact the fossils of this creature were found by the Academy’s Ted Daeschler and Neil Shubin, who wrote the book (and our required reading assignment) “Your Inner Fish.” Most importantly, this creature was one of the major transitional links from water to land organisms.

Our prof said that this crazy animal is where all land dwelling tetrapods, humans included, descended from, hence a mother of sorts.

It makes me think twice about telling “Yo mama’s so ____” jokes.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday 🙂


One comment on “Yo’ Momma’s a Fish

  1. A study of evolution has proved that flight is impossible: it is a scientific fact that despite the widespread availability of extension ladders, no part of the fossil record has been found in the air.

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