Remember, Desserts is Stressed Backwards!

I haven’t been super up to date with anything lately, much less my baking endeavors & blogs about them >.<

Towards the end of my coop, I tried making Kit-Kat induced cookies. Not one of my most favorite or successful experiments, but I like the way these cookies look like they are undergoing mitosis (cell division!! :D). Sadly I left them in the oven for about 5 minutes too long and they turned out a bit too crunchy for anyone’s liking haha. Iguess I can’t win them all.

(I guess you can also say they are undergoing phagocytosis since the cookies could be engulfing one another).

The overcooking theme continued as I made Aniket’s birthday cake this weekend! Besides the Spiderman & Beatles glasses & Batman game I threw at him with chocolates and socks, I also made him a cheese cake. It was a cheesecake covered with caramel, Toblerone shavings, oreo crust and encrusted sides, and a Ferrer Rocher center piece to make it special.

Here is the recipe:

He humored me and actually blew out a candle before demolishing it. I had to cut out the inner core of the cake (hence the Game of Thrones pattern on the cake) because the 1 inch perimeter got over-done in my opinion (cracked/puffed up & slightly brown) but my baking testers Megan & Naomi thought it was delicious 🙂

Overcooked cheesecake sides 😦 While cutting out the sides ever so gently, I made what looks like a Game of Thrones symbol in the cake 🙂

The final product!

And finally, last weekend, I revisited my first recipe that I tried baking from scratch: The Pumpkin Apple Strudel Bread! An old but always a good, this dish never fails me! However, I can never quite get the “cinnamon crumbles.” It always ends up like a candy shell topping which is yummy but not quite presentable.

Recipe revisited:

Ugh. Classes & work are wearing me down, but I always find time to bake! For remember, Desserts is Stressed Backwards! 🙂


2 comments on “Remember, Desserts is Stressed Backwards!

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