Science of Accessories

A quick & random post for an otherwise studying-my-life-away Sunday afternoon. School term kicking my but as usual.

Over the years I have had the joy of collecting very bulky and bold pieces of jewelry which I find look “cool.” Of course lately my mother has been buying me pretty authentic jewelry that are both simple and sophisticated, but I still indulge in my funky wares.

Science themed jewelry!

I like to think of this first one like giant helices that are reminiscent of the one and only human DNA! I got these earrings for the Drexel College of Arts & Sciences gala this past spring.

This second set remind me of atom orbitals because of all the loops and “nucleus” core.

Speaking of awesome jewelry, Aniket’s mother was nice enough to let me have a few necklaces she handmade herself. It’s something of a hobby she does on the side and the profit she makes she sends to her favorite charity. I really like both, but I think the first one is my favorite because of the swirls and hearts haha.


4 comments on “Science of Accessories

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those are cool earrings!! .. this reminded me, i think i saw dopamine earrings on thinkgeek one time.

  2. bwahaha we can be orbitals together with our earrings ;D

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