“Hugs Keep Us Alive” : The Human Physio Teeshirt

If you guys know me, there is nothing I adore more than cute science. I had probably one of the hardest Biology exams I have had in a while today, so I decided to wear this tee from Threadless.

Entitled “Hugs Keep Us Alive,” it is an appropriate image for a Developmental Biology class. The skeletal system hugging the lungs, who embrace the heart. Meanwhile the liver and the stomach are having their own love affair. It’s induction all over. Otherwise organ systems would never form. I think Has Christian Pander would be proud.

Totally ran around today with my head up high, showing off the happiest internal human anatomy Philadelphia has seen until I had to change to professional garb for shadowing.

The only other shirt to rival this one in my wardrobe is my “Known Your Dinosaurs” shirt also from Threadless. And yes, I plan to wear it to my Evolution exam later in the term good luck.

Some days, even my nerdiness astounds me.

For more quirky tees go to: http://www.threadless.com


3 comments on ““Hugs Keep Us Alive” : The Human Physio Teeshirt

  1. improperintegirl says:

    that shirt is absolutely adorable and 100% suits your personality ^^

  2. […] still very much a kid inside (and I do love my witty teeshirts & sneakers for lab days: THREADLESS!), during shopping this past year, I’ve come to notice the change in my taste. Maybe after 9 […]

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